Confined Space Rescue Services

Confined Space Rescue Equipment and Onsite Services

60% of confined space fatalities are would be rescuers.
Trained emergency rescue teams must be available while authorized entrants are in a confined space. Plaas Industrial offers you an alternative to training and maintaining your own in-house rescue team with our own team of Minnesota Confined Space Rescue experts.
Plaas provides teams of qualified and trained Confined Space Rescue personnel ready to deliver confined space rescue and confined space entry services anywhere in the USA. Headquartered in Red Wing, Minnesota, the Plaas Confined Space Rescue teams have been trained in the rescue and recovery of victims trapped in confined spaces such as underground vaults, storage silos, storage tanks, manholes, cisterns, clarifiers, pits, ducts, pipe chases or sewers. With regard to OSHA 1910.146 high level/fall protection rescue and ANSIz359 standards, Plaas’ safety first Confined Space Rescue teams are qualified to manage your confined space and high level risk needs.

So whether you needs are Confined Space Rescue Minnesota, Confined Space Rescue Iowa or Confined Space Rescue Wisconsin, Plaas delivers qualified and trained personnel and modern confined space rescue equipment to help your workers stay compliant and safe.
Plaas Confined Space Rescue Delivers:
-Compliant PPE equipment in specialty CSR vans
-SCBA equipment (self contained breathing apparatus)
-Rescue plans and communication equipment
-Experienced, compliant and competent CSR personnel

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Plaas Confined Space Rescue Services

Plaas Confined Space Rescue Equipment

CSR Onsite Services

Confined Space Rescue Onsite Services

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